Conrail inherited 41 Alco C425's from Penn Central (10 were former New Haven and the remainder were ex Pennsy) and 26 C424's of PC, EL and RDG ancestry in 1976. Originally scheduled to be 53 C425's, Erie Lackawanna's 12 units were sold to the British Columbia Railway as their 801 to 812 before Conrail took over.

Several C424's and C425's wore Conrail blue paint and logos. Twenty-nine C425's were renumbered to the 5060-5089 series in the early 1980's, but most were sitting in dead lines by this time and few pictures are known to exist of them in service in this number series.

Fifteen C424's came from the EL, 10 from the Reading, and one lone unit (CR 2474, ex PC, exx PRR 2415, nee Alco RS27 Demonstrator 640-1, rebuilt to C424 specifications) from PC. A few went on to serve other owners after being retired from Conrail in the early 1980's.

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