The Conrail H2C class quad hoppers were built at Conrail's own Hollidaysburg Car shops between March and Sept of 1998 in the series 498425-499024. Of the 599 H2Cs built, only 53 were built and stenciled with CR marks (CR 498677-498727, 499013-499015) while the remaining cars werestenciled with NYC marks. As many of the NYC lettered cars were transferred to NS after the 1999 split, there were restenciled to CR. Then between June and Dec of 2013,Freight Car America, as part of Order No, 180002,rebodied 295 of NS's H2Cs into 3 bay cars andwere numbered NS 146153-146449 and are classed HP30R. CSX has since followed suit and has rebodied many of their H2Cs also as well as many other CR class hoppers too.
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