One of the odder commodities carried on Conrail was livestock.

Conrail was known to bring 86' "Pig Palace" stock cars from somewhere out west to Cross Brothers Slaughterhouse.

You can watch for a small bit of information about Philly's lost slaughterhouse industry.

Additional reading:

From Bob Edmonson:  The Penn Central Post, PC’s company magazine, had a story in its December 1968 issue about the Ortner stock cars cars. The article said that Cross Brothers Meat Packers bought 10 cars initially with an additional 10 later. Reporting marks CBPX 36XX (photos show 3606 and 3608). The magazine can be found on the Canada Southern website. By May of 1983, The Journal of Commerce noted that railroads nationally were moving only 10 carloads of livestock per week. We believe many of these traveled Conrail's rails.

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