The C30-7's were built for Conrail in November 1977 as an improvement to GE's prior U boat line (U30C, U33C, U36C), and marked the dawn of a new era on Conrail as being the first new six axle power on the railroad. With more than 700 built, only 10 of the 3,000hp, 16-cylinder locomotive were purchased by Conrail, assigned to the 6600 - 6609 series.

The units were equipped with an anti-climber, a two-strap cab signal box on the conductor side walkway behind the cab, blanked short hood headlight casing, short hood plow, and standard marker lights. The C30-7's weren't the most popular with Conrail people. Senior management requested a series of tests be performed between the C30-7 and SD40-2 to determine the efficiency of the C30-7. The test candidates were identified with a sizeable white star located below the cab road number as well as 'TEST UNIT' under the model designation.

Conrail 6600 - 6604 were retired on May 3, 1991 but later reactivated in 1992 and 1993 when they were pressed into the Conrail lease fleet. The 5 units joined former ATSF C30-7's that were traded in for B40-8's. The units were repainted straight Conrail blue and were lettered CRL. Conrail's original 10 C30-7's were finally retired from the roster for the last time by September 1995.

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