Once a trooper on the New York Central, now a king on the Arkansas & Missouri. This was (supposed to be) my last day working for the excursion train before leaving that job. I had heard the news that both 30 and former N&W T6 18 had returned from being leased to West Monroe, Louisiana, and was happy to see that it was true. The only sad part about that was hearing about the condition the lease had left her in... Missing horn, rust, damage to her rear from a boxcar collision, leaking pipes and hoses (they didn't think to drain the water in the winter months. A miracle that the engine block didn't crack), etc. etc. Still, one of the maintenance crews told me that they'd both be repaired and put back into service. A real survivor.

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Conrail Survivors
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A&M 42
A&M 30

36.1853746, -94.1281018

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