While a Conrail freight pounds up Horseshoe Curve in the afternoon of May 22, 1977, former Reading T-1 4-8-4 #2102 and GTW 2-8-2 #4070 arrived, backing a line of passenger cars down the Curve.

For the second week in a row, Steam Tours, Inc. ran a Pittsburgh to Altoona excursion led by the famed Reading Company T-1 #2102. The Northern was lettered "Allegheny" following her 1974 purchase from Steam Tours by the Allegheny RR Tour Group of Ohio. The former Grand Trunk Western Mikado was lettered "Cuyahoga Valley Line."

All manner of steam railfans were gathered around the massive Curve to capture a glimpse of the powerful 4-8-4 and her 2-8-2 helper. The steamers did not disappoint.

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Horseshoe Curve
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