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Barry Trogu with New Jersey Transit GG-1 #4877 in South Amboy, NJ

I have been taking railroad photos since around 1970 (with better cameras!).  I continue to take rail photos of current operations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  My moving trains at night were taken with Nikon FM-2 film cameras.  It took several years and alot of wasted film developing the technique to shoot moving trains at night.  The majority of these trains were moving between 35 MPH to 50 MPH. I also have written several photo essays documenting my photographic experiences on Conrail, Jersey Central, New Jersey Transit, Norfolk Western/Norfolk Southern, Chessie System, Amtrak on the NEC and Moving Trains at Night among other topics.  Send me your email address to  and I will forward you these photo essays. I always tell anyone to always bring your camera, never know what you will see, whether rail subject, scenery or general interesting scenes.

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