NS-CSX. Former PRR/PC and Conrail GP-38 #2945 & CSX GP38-2 #2745 on the South Amboy Secondary crossing Rt 535 (South River-Cranbury Road) at NJ Turnpike overpass in Monroe, NJ heading toward Monmouth Junction.  There are many industries in this area in South Brunswick, NJ so they are switching the locations on the 2nd trick out of Brown's Yard in Old Bridge, NJ.  The freight has already passed through Jamesburg, NJ.  Photo was taken in the late afternoon sun in September 2001. Taken with my Vivitar "point & shoot" camera, so the quality is not the best.

EMD GP38; Built as Penn Central #7903; Serial number 36962; Order number 7291; Built February 1971, Conrail #7903;  NS #2945

EMD GP38-2; Built as Penn Central #8116; Serial number 72627-77; Order number 72627; Built February 1973; CR #8116; CSX #2745


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Monroe, NJ approaching South Brunsick, NJ
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Submitted by Barry Trogu on Fri, 07/29/2022 - 12:38