Conrail's WB-1 local coming west from Berwick to Newberry Yard stops to reposition cars for unloading at Green Leaf Fertilizer at M.P. 14. Routine operation was for the caboose to be positioned right behind the engine over the track in extremely poor condition from Strawberry Ridge to Berwick, thus the reason why the N12 caboose 24530 is ahead of the engine here. The train's freight cars have been cut off east of Green Leaf for this switching move. The caboose would be switched to the rear of the train further west at the runaround at Strawberry Ridge or at the PP&L power plant entrance.

CR 24530 N12 caboose would become Conrail Police Caboose.

The line from M.P. 14 to Berwick would be taken out of service shortly afterwards.

Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Green Leaf Fertilizer
Conrail Road Number
CR 8150
Predecessor Paint Scheme
Post Conrail Owner(s)
Post Conrail Road Number(s)
CSX 2757
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