EMD GP40-2

The 3000hp GP40-2 came to Conrail from two sources, the Reading and new from EMD. The inherited units were some of the last units purchased by the Reading, while the new units were some of Conrail's first motive power purchases.

These high horsepower (at the time) locomotives were originally used heavily on TV and other high priority light trains. Over time they found their way into various other uses, from Road Railers to mineral trains, to local service toward the end of Big Blue.

Afternoon at State Line on 8/3/83. (04)

A half dozen GP40/-2's, led by the 3331, take POSE through State Line at 15:07 on Aug. 3, 1983.

Afternoon at State Line on 8/3/83. (05)

POSE's herd of GP40/-2's roll beneath the signal gantry at State Line.

Afternoon at State Line on 8/3/83. (10)

GP40-2 3354 leads a 4 unit light engine set eastward past the gantry signal at State Line at 15:40. This was the last classic signal gantry left on the B&A and with the single-tracking of the B&A became redundant and was removed, hated to see it go!

BOEL at Washington, MA. on 10/15/82. (1)

At 08:14, it's a little too early for a well-lit photo at MP 129 in Becket, MA. The sun hasn't had a chance to get down into the valley to light up westbound BOEL as he works up the east slope, so we'll take off and try for another shot further up the hill.

BOEL at Washington, MA. on 10/15/82. (2)

Six miles further up the hill and 22 minutes later, BOEL works his way through Ballou's and MP 135 at 08:36. The open ground along the track on this side is the roadbed of the former "Ballou's" siding, listed in ETT #126 (4/29/1934) as having a capacity of 19 cars.

BOSE-X at Middlefield, MA. on 7/1/82. (1)

Led by a pair of GP40-2's and a reluctant U36B, BOSE-X battles the Berkshires in Bancroft, MA. at 19:14 on July, 1, 1982.

Boston Line on 8/1/81 (A)

SPSE rounds the horseshoe curve in Middlefield, MA. as he nears MP 129 on Aug. 1, 1981. Trailing units are a bit differant.

CR 2323 ConPit Jct, PA 10/81

OIPI-2 crosses over at ConPit Jct. to run the Conemaugh to Pittsburgh

CR 2733 east Burns Harbor 10111984

A U23B and GP40-2 lead a freight I took a grab shot of from the car while passing Gibson Yard.

CR 3213 west UNE Barton 05131994

A UNG empty coal train rolls past semaphore 247-2 in late day sun near Barton NY on the Southern Tier Line.

CR 3213 west UNG Barton farm 05131994

A UNG empty coal train from the NYSEG Goudy Station in Johnson City rolls through a bucolic Tioga County scene.

CR 3213 west UNG Waverly 05131994

A UNG empty rolls west past one of the Tier's hallmarks, an ex Erie semaphore, at Waverly. GP40-2 3213 leads C40-8W 6201. Note the pipe extending down from the signal. There was once a hotbox detector at MP 257 that would illuminate an indicator light here. A radio alarm detector replaced it when the line was single tracked west of here in 1992.

CR 3239 Manville, NJ 8/82

CR 3239, 7936 and two more Geeps lead OIAL across the diamond at Manville NJ in August of 1982.

CR 3266 West Rail Waverly 05131994

A rail train sits on the east siding at Waverly, done for the day.

CR 3271 Adrian, NY 4/2/1989

TV-302 is about a mile West of Browns Crossing. I always like to crawl around on the hills looking for different angles. This view is from Hathaway Hill Road.


CR 3275 on the point of a TV train 1-1979

In this circa January 1979 photo, CR patched ex Reading GP40-2 3275 is on the point of an intermodal train at an unknown location. Russel Heine photo, Chris Howe collection

CR 3275 Reading Lines paint August 1978

A nice treat this day was a former RDG GP40-2 leader on this e/b at Brady Lake, Ohio in August of 1978. This is the only higher up view I have of one of these, but traces of the roof number are visible under the loupe.

CR 3275 Rutherford, PA 2-18-1984

Former RDG 3671 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 2/18/1984.

CR 3275 Rutherford, PA 9-28-1983

Former RDG 3671 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 8/27/1983.

CR 3276 Adrian, NY 4/9/1989

BUOI follows the Canisteo River as it starts into the curve to Browns Crossing.

CR 3276 at Rochester, PA 4/20/98

CR 3276 is seen on a WB at Rochester, PA on 4/20/98.

CR 3276 Enola, PA 7-24-1978

My railfan buddy caught former PC GP40 3120 leading GP40-2 3276, still in Reading Lines green, and an unknown EMD 4-axle unit heading into Enola yard in July, 1978. With permission.

CR 3276 Tunnelhill, PA 1981

CR GP40-2 3276 (ex-RDG 3672) is seen leading a westbound freight towards the Allegheny Tunnel in Tunnelhill, PA in 1981.

CR 3276-Tuxedo, NY 3/78

CR 3276, former RDG 3672, is seen leading MC-97 at Tuxedo NY in March of 1978.

CR 3277 at Ashtabula, OH 6/1979

Conrail GP40-2 3277 is seen at the engine facilities at Ashtabula, OH in June 1979. More than 3 years after going to work for her new owner, she had managed to elude the paint booths. Unit was originally RDG 3673, one of 5 GP40-2s the Reading purchased to haul iron ore trains from Bethlehem Steel's Joanna, PA mine to the plant in Bethlehem, a duty they performed until the mine closed in 1978.

CR 3277 Conway, PA 8-18-1978

CR GP-40-2 3277 (ex-RDG 3673) works with SD-45 6079 (ex-EL 3614) at Conway yard in August, 1978.

CR 3278 Gallitzin, PA 5/28/1978

This Westbound is almost to the top of the mountain, about to head into the tunnel. There were only 5 of the ex RDG GP-40-2's, and they all wore the green paint scheme.

CR 3278 Thompsonville CT Jun 1980

GP40-2 3278 SENH-6a Southbound on Hartford Line at Thompsonville CT

CR 3279 Akron, OH 11-21-1978

Conrail train TV-98 has a colorful leader in the form of ex Reading GP-40-2 3279. It was number 3675 on the RDG, it's Norfolk Southern 3002 today. This was the only "hot" train left running on the former EL east of Akron.

CR 3280 is on the point of an E/B freight rolling through Parkesburg, PA on 10/81.

Under wire: GP40-2 3280 is on the point of an E/B freight rolling through Parkesburg, PA at 10:30AM on 10-24-81.

CR 3280 Springfield MA Jul 1983

GP40-2 3280 TV-6 at CP 96 Athol Jct.

CR 3281 Pittsfield MA Sep 1981

GP40-2 3281 BOSE-x after making a drop at CP 148 North Adams Jct

CR 3281 Richmond MA Sep 1981

GP40-2 3281 BOSE-x at Route 41 Richmond MA

CR 3282 on RR-282 at Altoona, PA 3/5/99

CR 3282 is seen on RR-282 at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.

CR 3283 Elkhart, IN 8/2/96

MGL with GP40-2 3283 on the point passes under a signal bridge in Elkhart, IN on August 2, 1996

CR 3284 Hornell, NY 6/25/1978

4 crews exchange info as 2 Eastbound trains arrive at Hornell for crew changes. Newer power in the form of 3284 leads one train, while older power led by 7026 leads the 2nd train. Hornell was a very active place for the 1st 4 years of CR.

CR 3286 at Gallitzin, PA in 1995

Conrail GP40-2 3286 is seen leading a westbound freight out of the Gallitzin Tunnel at Gallitzin, PA in 1995.

CR 3286 at Hagerstown MD 3/18/98

CR 3286 is seen at Hagerstown MD on 3/18/98.

CR 3286 Haworth, NJ 9/81

OISE-3 northbound through Brooke Shields hometown....

CR 3286 west at Dalton, NY. on 5/6/93.

CR extra 3286 west at Dalton, NY. on May 6, 1993. Didn't get the symbol on this guy, maybe a DABU?

CR 3287 in Middlefield, MA. on 11/27/81.

The 3287 leads RISE around the curve at mile 128.8 in Middlefield, MA. on Nov.27, 1981. Is there an ALCO hiding back there?.....Naahh, not on the B&A, maybe a GE?

CR 3287 in Washington, MA. on 5/7/83.

GP40-2 3287 leads TV9 past the signal bridge at MP 138 in Washington, MA. on the morning of May 7, 1983.

CR 3287 Ridgefield Park, NJ 10-1997

CR 3287 is on the point of SENS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 10/1997.

CR 3288 at Middlefield, MA. on 5/16/81. (1)

Westbound RISE winds it's way through the "Twin ledges" at Middlefield, MA. on May 16, 1981. The ledges is an area about 1/2 mile long falling between mile 131.5 and 132. The railroad crosses the Westfield River four times within this expanse and is the town line separating Middlefield and Becket. In this photo the headend is in Middlefield.

CR 3288 et.al. at Washington, MA. on 4/18/81. (1)

A combination of low light and slow shutter speed equals a photo that you wish could have been a LOT sharper, considering the ridiculous lash-up that appeared on SEBO-8C on April 18, 1981. GP40-2 3288 leads GP30 2190, RDG GP35 3629, PC GP38-2 8090, U23C 6718 and an SD40-2 by Washington depot.

CR 3289

CR 3289 leads a Triple Crown train past the diamonds with CSX at CP54 in Greenwich, OH in this undated photo. Jay Williams photo, Chris Howe collection

CR 3289 Canaan NY Oct 1979

GP40-2 3289 BOEL-3 exiting State Line Tunnel

CR 3290 at Cresson, PA 11/24/98

CR 3290, 6804 & 8084 are seen heading West at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.

CR 3290 at Cresson, PA 11/24/98

CR 3290 is seen at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.

CR 3291

CR 3291 was at Chicago, IL on 6/8/77.

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