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The 3000hp GP40-2 came to Conrail from two sources, the Reading and new from EMD. The inherited units were some of the last units purchased by the Reading, while the new units were some of Conrail's first motive power purchases.

These high horsepower (at the time) locomotives were originally used heavily on TV and other high priority light trains. Over time they found their way into various other uses, from Road Railers to mineral trains, to local service toward the end of Big Blue.

CR 3293 leads QV-4 at Washington, MA on 6/16/77

Late morning shot of QV-4 westbound about to enter the cut east of the summit at Washington, MA on the Boston Line. Taken with a 135mm lens on 16 June 1977.

CR 3295 at Waynesburg PA 2/7/98

CR 3295 is seen at Waynesburg PA on 2/7/98.

CR 3296 leads a westbound manifest at MG Tower, PA, 9/84

Westbound Conrail manifest at MG Tower, PA on 9/8/84, led by GP40-2 No. 3296.

CR 3296 Leads TV4 Down Horseshoe Curve, 3/88

Conrail's TV trains didn't always rate head end helpers, even in adverse weather. Here TV4 heads around the curve on a snowy day in March of 1988.

CR 3296 Mattawana, PA 7-1985

CR 3296 is on the point of a TV train at Mattawana, Pa 7/1985

CR 3296 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR GP40-2 3296 mixes it up with the U-boats at Selkirk in August, 1979.

CR 3296 west TV Haverstraw 04121985

A trio of 40's rolls a TV train north on the River Line, passing the Haverstraw station, now a private business.

CR 3298 at Middlefield, MA in 1978

Conrail GP40-2 3298 leads an eastbound TV downgrade at Middlefield, MA on the Boston line early in 1978.

CR 3298, CR 8185, and CR 8150 at Morrisville

Conrail GP40-2 3298, and GP38-2s 8185 and 8158 (ex-PC 8158) are at Morrisville, PA in 1981.

CR 3299 and CR 3362 At Bennington Curve

CR 3299 is leading CR 3362 on an eastbound TV train around Bennington Curve. The bi-level cattle cars on the head end identify this as a train bound for Philly or North Jersey.

CR 3299 at Bennington Curve in 1984

Conrail GP40-2 3299 is a Phase II unit built in 5/1977. She is seen leading an eastbound TV train into Bennington Curve in 1984.

CR 3300 Almond, NY 4/9/1978

A Westbound freight pulls the grade out of Hornell. The "Hill" out of Hornell on the line to Youngstown had a pretty good grade for Westbounds, and they usually did not make track speed until they got to the top near Andover.

CR 3300 Andover, NY 4/9/1978

A Westbound freight crests the top of the grade out of Hornell on the Youngstown Line at "Tip Top".

CR 3300 Andover, NY 4/9/1978

A Westbound can be seen stretching thru the valley as the train approaches the village of Andover.

CR 3301 at Wall, PA

The trailing NS unit is a harbinger, Conrail's days were numbered when the photo was taken.

CR 3303 Baden, PA 1/17/1992

At dusk in a snowstorm, an Eastbound van train departs East Conway as a Westbound pulls into the yard,

CR 3304 (1) at Middlefield, MA. on 7/25/81.

RISE rounding the curve at mile 128.8 in Middlefield, MA. on July 25, 1981.

CR 3304 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 3304, 6857 & 3335 are seen leading a EB loaded PPLX coal train past ALTO tower in Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 3304 at Rochester, NY 4/86

CR 3304 is seen at Rochester, NY in April of 1986.

CR 3305 on BOSE-X at Middlefield, MA. on 7/1/82.

Led by a pair of GP40-2's and a reluctant U36B, BOSE-X battles the Berkshires in Bancroft, MA. at 19:14 on July, 1, 1982.

CR 3305 on NHSE at Bancroft, MA. on 2/19/83

Interesting mix of power on NHSE, which was not all that unusual on the B&A at this point in time. GP35 3624 was one of several ex RDG GP35's to survive several years into ConRail with their RDG livery. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but the others were the 3629, 3649, and 3650. That B23-7 will become "well-known" in the future.

CR 3305 on PICA-9 at Altoona, PA 6/8/97

CR 3305 is seen trailing on PICA-9 at Altoona, PA on 6/8/97.

CR 3305 West Haverstraw, NY 5-1996

CR 3305 sits in West Haverstraw yard in West Haverstraw, NY with a MOW train 5/1996

CR 3308 Ridgefield Park, NJ 4-1997

CR 3308 is on the point of ML-480X at CP-5 in Ridgefield Park, NJ 4/1997

CR 3310 inside the Juniata Shops

CR GP40-2 3310 inside the shops at JLS in Altoona, PA to thaw out! It and two other units tried to plow through snow drifts and froze up. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 3310 Newark, NJ 2-15-1982

CR GP-38-2 8178 and GP-40-2 3310 lead a quartet of blue power rolling through Newark, NJ in February, 1982.

CR 3310 Newburgh, NY 10/79

Before it was re-symboled to TVLA, TV53 runs siding to Main @ CP-55 Newburgh, NY. That's my '69 Chevy in the background.

CR 3312 Altoona, PA 1981

CR GP40-2 3312 is trailing on an eastbound TV train about to round Bennington Curve in 1981.

CR 3312 at Bancroft, MA. on 1/2/81. (1)

GP40-2 3312 leads a pure three-unit set of GP40-2's on westbound tonnage at Bancroft, MA. on Jan. 2, 1981.

CR 3312 at Bancroft, MA. on 1/2/81. (2)

CR 3373 trailing in the X3312 west at Bancroft, MA.

CR 3312 at Jacks Narrows, PA 1981

Conrail GP40-2 3312 is seen leading a westbound train past JACKS tower in Jacks Narrows, between Mapleton and Mt. Union in 1981.

CR 3313 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR GP40-2 3313 leads a quartet of units pulling mixed freight through Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 3313 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR GP40-2 3313 leads U33B 2890 in a quartet of units pulling mixed freight through Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 3313 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR GP35 2320 leads a quartet of units pulling mixed freight while GP40-2 3313 and her train wait for clearance at Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 3313 Gang Mills, NY 5/17/1986

TV-301 arrives at Gang Mills for a crew change.

CR 3314 at Rolling Prairie, IN

An eastbound Conrail freight with 3314 on the point is seen from the Route 20 bridge at Rolling Prairie, IN, in November 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 3315 Blandon, PA 10-01-1990

PIOI rolls through Blandon with two Geeps sandwiching two UP SD40-2's. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line

CR 3316 and CR 3324 on an eastbound TV train on "The Slide" at Tunnelhill, PA

Back in 1979, a trio of new GP40-2s (including 3316 and 3324, both Phase II units built in May, 1978) keep an eastbound TV train in check as it descends "The Slide", a stretch of 2.37% grade that restricts trains to a maximum speed of 12 mph, due to the wreck of the Pennsy's Red Arrow on Feb 18th, 1947. That day, 24 people perished and more than a hundred were injured after the eastbound Red Arrow lost its brakes on the slide and jumped the tracks at Bennington Curve. The track beneath the overpass is the old New Portage secondary, a second route up the east slope that ran south out of Hollidaysburg via the much-less-famous Muleshoe Curve. Much of the old New Portage Secondary route is now used by the new alignment of US Route 22. Of particular interest is the first car in the train, one of the 86' double-level stock car that were seen ferrying delicious cows between yards in the Midwest and slaughterhouses in North Jersey and Philly until the early 1980s.

CR 3317 at Harrington, DE 3/28/98

CR 3317 is seen at Harrington, DE on 3/28/98.

CR 3318 west Owego OIBU 05011999

OIBU with a GP40-2/SD60 combo rolls past a field of stubble corn, not unusual even this late in May. In another month, the new crop will be knee high, and by mid summer, I'll have to stand on top of my car to get this shot.

CR 3319 Croxton, NJ 5/80

TV-10's power at the Croxton Fuel Pan.......

CR 3319 North Iona Island 06/11/1985

Three GP40-2's lead an autorack train across the Iona Island trestle at Bear Mountain State Park. Check out the open racks!!

CR 3319 rescuing AMTRAK Train 42 on the Middle Division, 5/89

Pittsburgh Line - Mexico, Pennsylvania, USA
May 07, 1989
CR 3319 rescuing AMTK 42
Conrail to the Rescue! View from now-gone signal bridge. Accessed with permission.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 3322 Akron, OH 10-29-1980

The circus train passes through Akron,Ohio in October 1980. The train is on the former Penn Central Hudson to Orrville "CA&C" line at MP 15. CR GP40-2 3322 would become CSX 4419.

CR 3322 and CR 3362 at Bennington Curve

CR GP40-2s 3322 and 3362 are seen assisting an eastbound TV train down the hill around Bennington Curve.

CR 3322 at Duncannon, PA in 1998

Conrail GP40-2 3322 is seen leading DIM-101 east at Duncannon, PA on 10/15/1998

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