After cosmetic restoration, PRR/PC/CR 4859 GG1 appears ready for its trip to Harrisburg to be "enshrined" under the train shed at the Harrisburg Amtrak Station (aka Harrisburg Transportation Center) on November 15, 1986. PRR 4859 pulled the first electrically powered train into Harrisburg on January 15, 1938.

Smoke in the background was from a returning Strasburg Rail Road double-header steam excursion with PRR 7002 & PRR 1223 to Harrisburg on Amtrak's Keystone Corridor, including running on Conrail's Pittsburgh Line up to Rockville Bridge to turn on the east end wye.

Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Conrail Road Number
CR 4859
Altoona Works
Predecessor Paint Scheme
Post Conrail Road Number(s)
PRR 4859
Submitted by Jim Appleman on Thu, 05/09/2024 - 08:53