NS K22 local out of Northumberland Yard heads east on the NS Watsontown Secondary with NS 5355 ex-CR 8209 GP38-2 leading. LVRR 9052 & 9050 are in transit to the USG Washingtonville Plant to be changed with other NSHR System power that has been used for LVRR's transload service. NS 5610 is on the west end in pull-pull configuration.

On May 17, 2024, LVRR unveiled and dedicated LVRR 9050 & 9052 to U. S. military service members, past, present and fallen. LVRR 9050 is the Military Memorial Unit "SOME GAVE ALL" painted in Battleship Gray & LVRR 9052 is the Military Veterans Unit "ALL GAVE SOME" painted in Coyote Tan. Each unit has a silhouette image depicting that message.

Photo Date
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PPL Road crossing
Conrail Road Number
CR 8209
Post Conrail Owner(s)
Post Conrail Road Number(s)
NS 5355
Submitted by Jim Appleman on Wed, 07/03/2024 - 09:12