E-44 #4438 & #4436 with eastbound freight at Adams Station, New Jersey on Sept 10, 1978. back in those days we all used a film offered by Eastman-Kodak sold by a company known as RGB. This gave us slides & film negatives.  However, the quality fades aver the decades and we can not go back to re-shoot these pictures!  Unfortunately we all used this film for several years before we found out about it's life span.  The E-44's worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad prior to Penn Central. The E-44's replaced the aging PRR P-5 electrics.

Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Adams Station, North Brunswick, NJ
Conrail Road Number
4438, 4436
Predecessor Paint Scheme
Submitted by Barry Trogu on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 21:47