After taking a tour of the west end of the system, these dozen GG1's destined for the scrapper have arrived in Kent, Ohio for a crew change. They had left Wilmington without spacer cars, but someone in Crestline decided all that "dead weight" needed extra braking, so hoppers were added between each unit (never mind they had gone from Wilmington to Chicago and back to Crestline without them.....). After all was set in Crestline the train went east via Orrville and up to the former Erie Lackawanna in Akron, then east from there to the scrapper in Hubbard- more railroad than those old electrics had planned to see! The leader of this motley pack of junk survives today as CSX 8826. For additional info see :
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Stow Rd crossing
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41.151194, -81.362714

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