Conrail still operated NJ commuter lines under contract from NJDOT in 1978. Not until January 1, 1983 did NJ Transit assume Conrail passenger operations. With former PC providing GG-1s, E-8A's, and a few E-7A's, great passenger consists like this scene were available in NJ for many years. Here at South Amboy station on a hot and bright July day in 1978, GG-1 4882 pulls in with a string of coaches.

CR retired their freight fleet of GG-1's in 1979, but the NJDOT-contracted GG-1's 4872-4884 saw their operating days extended to the fall of 1983.

Photo Date
Photo Location Name
South Amboy station
Conrail Road Number

40.477884, -74.290702

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