It's April, 1976, and the new "ConRail" has only been around for a couple of weeks. Most of the ex Erie Lackawanna freight service E8's were in storage at Marion,Ohio on C-day, but a few were started up and used for a short time. Conrail train BRC-75 is crossing over from the "EL side" to the "PC side" at South St TBS in Akron, Ohio with a trio of EL E's leading two Penn Central units. EL #813 was assigned CR number 4003, but to my knowledge it was retired before ever getting renumbered, a fate most of the EL E's had to look forward to. The dual headlights are a clue this is an ex DL&W unit.
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South St TBS
Conrail Road Number
Predecessor Paint Scheme

41.044039, -81.521241

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