Former PC/NYC 3030 was at Cheektowaga, NY on 4/8/77. It went to Precision National on lease return in 7/80, then later in 1980 became CNW 5519. It was retired by CNW on 8/9/89 and sold to Helm. It was rebuilt for UP in 2/90 and became UP 882. "UP 882 suffered fire damage by vandals in late March 1992, and was retired on 28 April 1992; returned to Helm Financial on 17 March 1993; rebuilt by AMF Transport to KCS GP40-2 4755; completed on 8 April 1994." (Info from Don Strack's excellent site).
Photo Date
Conrail Road Number
Predecessor Paint Scheme

42.900934, -78.753948

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