A 6-axle in 4-axle territory! The Watsontown Industrial Track extending east of the Watsontown Secondary was restricted to 4-axle power. A UFS crew was nearby with a trio of SD40-2s at PP&L's coal fired power plant, and these Flexi-Flo hoppers for flyash were to be switched around ASAP. The crew was given permission and instructed to take one SD40-2 onto the Industrial Track to handle the move, taking it easy. There were no problems. Engine and cars are seen here on a runaround track that has been removed.

With construction of USG's Washingtonville Plant decades later, the Industrial Track under NS ownership has been upgraded to handle 6-axle units with unit trains of synthetic gypsum.

Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Strawberry Ridge Road crossing
Conrail Road Number
CR 6392

41.073392266798, -76.654315913856

Submitted by Jim Appleman on Mon, 07/25/2022 - 11:00