A 6-axle in 4-axle territory! The Watsontown Industrial Track extending east of the Watsontown Secondary was restricted to 4-axle power. A UFS crew was nearly with a trio of SD40-2s at PP&L's coal fired power plant, and these Flexi-Flo hoppers for flyash were to be switched around ASAP. The crew was given permission and instructed to take one SD40-2 onto the Industrial Track to handle the move, taking it easy. There were no problems.

With construction of USG's Washingtonville Plant decades later, the Industrial Track under NS ownership has been upgraded to handle 6-axle units with unit trains of synthetic gypsum.That runaround siding has been eliminated.

Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Strawberry Ridge Road crossing
Conrail Road Number
CR 6392

41.073473591873, -76.654133849907

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