A pair of former EL GP7's wheel WLAL-10 around "Steel City Curve" in August 1981. By 1981 it was a treat to catch a pair of ex EL geeps together, 5980 in blue and 5971 still in EL colors no less. The 5971 has some stories to tell- it came to Conrail as EL 1233, the unit involved in a wreck at Lake Junction with a CNJ RS-3. Both units sat at Croxton for a good while. The 1233 eventually got repaired and would survive well into Conrail as you can see by this shot. I'm not sure what the disposition of the CNJ unit was, but scrap is a good guess.
Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Steel City Curve
Conrail Road Number
Predecessor Paint Scheme

40.621983, -75.360201

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