CR 1986 B23-7 leads a southbound coal train by CP-MUNCY. The track in the foreground is the former Reading line from West Milton to Newberry, at this time dismantled from Brick Church Road south of here to Allenwood. Conrail installed CP-MUNCY interlocking to connect the Buffalo Line with the Reading line from here to Newberry. This new connection created the Montour Secondary, later renamed Corning Secondary as the southern-most portion of that line. A portion of Koppers tie plant is seen on the right side of the photo and is serviced by rail off the Corning Secondary.

This portion of the Corning Secondary is now owned by SEDA-COG and operated by the Lycoming Valley Railroad of the North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates.

This public crossing has been closed and a new crossing replaced it south of here.

Photo Date
Photo Location Name
CP-MUNCY interlocking
Conrail Road Number
CR 1986
Submitted by Jim Appleman on Mon, 01/02/2023 - 09:20