In 1985, Conrail purchased 25 3,750hp C36-7's and assigned them to the 6620-6644 series. The C36-7's were built in June of 1985 on the same frame as the C30-7, and weren't a popular model among railroads. Two units (6620, 6621) were actually assigned Ballast Express service lettering, however, the rest of the fleet could often times be found hauling the stone and only a small handful ever received Conrail Quality paint.

In 1999, the fleet was divided between Norfolk Southern and CSX. Those assigned to NS were renumbered into the 8480-8493 series, while CSX allocated units became 7116-7126. In November 2000, Norfolk Southern returned the units to their lessor when the lease expired. CSX then picked them up and renumbered them to follow their existing ex Conrail C36-7's in the 7127-7140 series.
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