Although Baldwin Locomotive Works ceased locomotive production in 1956, Conrail inherited a number of S-8, S-12, and DS-4-4-1000 yard switchers and a few AS-16 road switchers upon formation in April, 1976.

The opening roster contained 2 PC S-12ís as CR series 8308 and 8334, 10 PRSL S-12Mís as CR series 8343-8352, a PRSL S-8 as CR series 8353, an Ironton DS-4-4-1000 as CR series 8354, and 3 PRSL AS-16ís as CR series 8397-8399.

Conrail also inherited a number of ex-RDG Baldwin V01000ís that had been rebuilt by EMD in 1959 as V01000Mís. Conrail classed these units as SW-1200Mís and assigned them CR series 9301-9314.

Two non-rostered Baldwin converted yard slugs were also stored at Croxton yard in Secaucus, NJ. These included ex-EL B66 (former Baldwin DRS4-4-1500) and B65 (former Baldwin DRS-66-1500).

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