N7 Cabooses

SD45 6153 tags along for the ride down to Pittsfield after helping BOSE climb the east slope on July 18, 1981.
"Rare" N7C van 21498 brings up the rear of PWSE at State Line. Rare because it was one of only 4 ex P&E examples. (21496-21499)
N7D 21129 swings along on the rear of SENH.
Conrail class N7B caboose 21040 is seen on the end of a westbound trailvan train at Whitford, PA in 1982. The line on the bridge is the former PRR Trenton Cutoff, a freight bypass that allowed trains to move between Thorndale and Morrisville, PA to bypass the heavily-congested Philadelphia area.
CR 21100 - Class N7D
CR 21100 - Class N7D
CR 21102 - Class N7D
CR 21102 - Class N7D
CR N7D 21104 on the cab track @ Croxton Yard, Secaucus, NJ
CR 21104 Class N7D @ Croxton (Secaucus, NJ) Note: Car still has its Express Refrigerator Car trucks and roof walk . Outshopped Meadville 6/76
CR 21108 - Class N7D
Going away photo shows the caboose, an N7D as it happens, tucked in right behind the power. NHSE/SENH ran with a caboose at each end which helped to facilitate the reverse move necessary at Springfield to get to and from the ex New Haven Springfield line and the B&A.
CR 21117 - Class N7D
CR 21121 - Class N7D
These ex ERIE N7 vans were quite common on the Boston Line.....back in the day. For those of us old enough to remember these "exclamation points" at the end of the train, I KNOW you miss 'em! This one's class N7D 21130.
CR 21132 - Class N7D at Harrisburg, PA
CR 21143 - Class N7D
CR 21153 - Class N7D at Landisville, PA

21165 at Bethlehem, PA on a light engine move to Oak Island on December 26, 1979 Photo courtesy of John Durant

Our 21165 heads east over Rockville Bridge in 1979. Note that at this point, the roofwalks have been removed.

21165 stored at the deadline in Reading, PA yard on December 2, 1984 Photo courtesy of Kermit Geary Jr.


21165 takes up the rear on the Circus Train at Allentown, PA on May 3, 1984 Photo courtesy of Kermit Geary Jr.

CR 21497 - Class N7C
A small corner of Conrail was the Peoria and Eastern, a PC subsidiary. Although late in the day at Collinwood, one of the small fleet of P&E cabooses was worth a shot in the low light. April, 1977, looks close to a PC class N7.
CR 21498 - Class N7C
Former PC 21510/NYC 20276 is on the end of an eastbound freight passing the station platforms at Huntingdon, PA on 2/27/1982.
Former PC 21533/NYC 20210 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 12/26/1982.
Class N7A van 21534 trails along at the rear of BOEL on Oct. 30, 1982.
CR 21549 - Class N7
Another bay window van (N7A?)at the rear of SPSE. The B&A saw a fairly good assortment of cabooses from almost all of the predecessors, except RDG and CNJ.
Conrail class N7A caboose 21624 is seen passing GRAY tower in Grazierville, PA in 1983.
Bay window N7A 21649 on the rear of the EDME-X at West Deerfield, MA. on Jan. 26, 1985.
Relatively common bay window van follows along at the rear of TV-9X. This is an N7A, I believe.
With a buggy at either end of the train, this HAS to be NHSE.  This one should be an N7A.

PC RSD-12 6876 moves a trio of cabooses including PC 21669 (N7 class), CR 21138 (N7D class, ex-EL C338), and a third CR caboose at Morrisville yard in March, 1977.

CR 21138 was preserved by West Shore Rail Excursions, Delta Place Station, Rt 15, 2 miles north in Lewisburg, PA.


PC RSD-12 6876 moves a trio of cabooses including PC 21669 (N7 class) and CR 21138 (N7D class, ex-EL C338) at Morrisville in March, 1977.

CR 21138 was preserved by West Shore Rail Excursions, Delta Place Station, Rt 15, 2 miles north in Lewisburg, PA.

CR 21690 - Class N7
Conrail class N7A caboose 21704 is being cut off the rear of a train at the Enola hump in 1983.
CR 21707 - Class N7
CR 21707 - Class N7
CR 21713 - Class N7
CR 21736, the "New England Div. White Safety Caboose" at Palmer, MA. on May 7, 1981. The 21736 was a regular on the B&A/New England Div. The slogan on the roof overhang reads "The Best SAFETY DEVICE is....YOU."
CR 21736, the "New England Div. white safety caboose" at Palmer, MA. on May 7, 1981. The only time I caught this thing at rest anywhere, and the sun angle HAD to be terrible! And a high-contrast subject, to boot! Slogan on the rear roof overhang reads "This is the end? No, the beginning".
Even as power short as Conrail was in those first years, some of the heritage units were in bad shape or too old to fix, hence scenes like this of funeral trains. With a big chunk of the former Erie Lackawanna Marion deadline, this Conrail eastbound passes through Orrville, Ohio on the ex PRR in August of 1976. Penn Central N7A #21749 brings up the rear. Two E8's (820 and 829), 2 RS-3's, 2 S2's (including #520 still in pure "Erie" black), 2 more RS-3's, and 2 more E8's are visible in this view. Some of the E's and RS's would languish at Altoona for a while, but the S2's would pass this way again as they headed for Chicago as trade in material, better known as "scrap"....
Conrail SD35 6044 (ex-CNJ 2505) is shoving against class N5C caboose 23087 at Horseshoe Curve in 1983.
N7 bay window 21722 on the rear of SPSE splitting the signals in Chester, MA. on Jan. 9, 1982.
N7 van 21573, a pre-Conrail B&A regular, tags along on the rear of SEPW at Bancroft, MA. on July 3, 1981.
N21 21275 and N7A 21792 vans bring up the rear of RISE near MP 129 in Middlefield, MA. on July 25, 1981.
Bay window N7A 21649 on the rear of the EDME-X at West Deerfield, MA. on Jan. 26, 1985.
N7B 21072 on the rear of TV-9 at Bancroft, MA. on Dec. 31, 1981.

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