N7 Cabooses - Page 2

N7 van 21573, a pre-Conrail B&A regular, tags along on the rear of SEPW at Bancroft, MA. on July 3, 1981.
N21 21275 and N7A 21792 vans bring up the rear of RISE near MP 129 in Middlefield, MA. on July 25, 1981.
Bay window N7A 21649 on the rear of the EDME-X at West Deerfield, MA. on Jan. 26, 1985.
N7B 21072 on the rear of TV-9 at Bancroft, MA. on Dec. 31, 1981.
N12 van 24523 protects the rear of SBSE in Middlefield, MA. on Sept. 20, 1985.
Conrail SD45-2 6663 (ex-EL 3678) is seen ahead of N7 class caboose 21791 on Horseshoe Curve in 1982.
One of only four in her class, N7C 21497, protects the rear of the SPENO in Bancroft, MA.
These ex ERIE N7 vans were quite common on the Boston Line.....back in the day. For those of us old enough to remember these "exclamation points" at the end of the train, I KNOW you miss 'em! This one's N7D 21130.
Another B&M GP38 shoves on CR N7D 21146, the last in it's class, bringing up the rear at Montague, MA.

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