It's 12:34am (Saturday morning) and the night sky has finally lost all hints of twlight. Most have gone home but a few brave souls are scattered about the CRHS tent and their cars. All is quiet in the cool night air but that's about to change in 2 minutes when CSX Q393 will come rolling through the darkness. Just a few feet away stands Berea Tower, casting its Tungsten glow upon our home away from home. No question here, the spirit of Conrail has returned to Berea as our signs and flags show the colors. As of this photo, there was still almost 24 hours of train watching to go in the event; in other words, we were just getting started!
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Berea Tower

41.366161, -81.854303

Submitted by CRHS Admin on Sat, 09/26/2020 - 23:38