SD40-2 #6375, ex Penn Central  SD45 #6150 and 3 other units. Near Gallitzin, PA. August 15, 1978.  Note our camping equipment to the right.  We typically camped over the weekend at the Bennington Curve "camp ground" in those days. I am sure no one can get there in the Norfolk Southern era!

EMD SD40-2; Built as CR #6375; Serail number 766078-18; Order number 766078; Built July 1977, became CSX #8804

EMD SD45; Built as PRR #6150; Serial number 32375; Order number 7828; Built January 1967; CR #6150



Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Near Gallitzin, PA
Conrail Road Number
6375, 6150
Predecessor Paint Scheme
Submitted by Barry Trogu on Sun, 10/16/2022 - 19:23