Eastbound Conrail TV train with CR 3281 leading on the C&WI at State Line Tower(note the semaphore blades set to the stop position). The area was well-populated with photographers waiting the passage of N&W No. 611 in August 1983. Conrail's Calumet River bridge failed that morning and resulted in the detour movements. There detour had CR and Amtrak trains using the C&WI to State Line, then on to the old SLIC/B&OCT to Pine Jct and then back onto the Pennsy main. This part of the C&WI had very little traffic at this time. Doug commented that he got a shot of the westbound Broadway Limited passing State Line Tower while waiting for No. 611 as well. Doug Davidson photo with permission
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STate Line Tower
Conrail Road Number

41.583369, -87.500041

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