What was going on at Berea on NS and CSX at exactly 4:18 and 46 seconds on Saturday July 2, 2011 you ask? Take a look at this ATCS diagram. One can see that a westbound CSX train is halfway through Berea and is getting ready to knock down a green signal (bottom line), while above, an eastbound NS train is on the move on track 2. Sitting on the north control siding in the northwest quandrant of Berea is a coal drag (that C40-8 helpers on the rear!), while just east of Berea, a stopped general merchandise train is waiting at CP 191 for a train ahead of it to clear, so that it can enter Rockport Yard. Wow! ATCS is fantastic. We can see everything thats going on and everything that's coming, all without leaving the comfort of our lawn chairs! This display was broadcast in conjunction with a scanner feed on a large wide screen TV for all to view in real-time in the tent. Definitely not your ordinary historical society!
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41.366161, -81.854303

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