CR 797001, a unique flatcar on Conrail, is seen back in regular service at Hagerstown, MD on 6/24/00, after the experiment explained below. "According to CRHS Freight car expert Lon Godshall, this is the turntable car that had dumpsters. This was the second prototype car built at Hollidaysburg Car Shop for the Container Direct Service,which was intended to capture bulk commodity revenue from trucks by using standard roll-off boxes that could be picked up by any roll-off truck. The car was built from a former PRR class F41D car, which was retained on the rebuild. The first car had little aluminum containers as wrote about in a previous issue of Conrail Quarterly. An interesting spin on the intermodal idea, which sadly never took off. The car was tested in 1988 but never used in revenue service."
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39.650641, -77.721984

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