My first instance of lunacy during railfanning! It's about 7:30 in the morning on Monday, August 7th 1995, and it's unseasonably chilly. I have talked my parents into concluding our ill-fated first Horseshoe Curve trip by taking me to the 17th St bridge in Altoona in hopes of catching one of the TV trains "scheduled" through the area. So there I stood, all of 12 years old, waiting for a train to show up while my mom froze beside me. Soon I was greeted by Conrail SD60 6859 on the point of either TV-1 or TV-3, and the trip could conclude. Little did I know that my pursuits of Conrail would only get crazier as I got older...
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Pittsburgh Line
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40.512043, -78.405521

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