In 1987 or so Conrail poured money into the rehabilitation of the ex-New Haven Maybrook line and ran a daily pair of trains, SENH and NHSE, for the next 5 or 6 years through my home town of Beacon NY. Conrail sold the line to the Housatonic RR who opted for an interchange with Conrail in Pittsfield MA rather than Beacon, hence our line went dormant again. During those years of activity the Conrail trains were pulled exclusively by the small fleet of C32-8 locomotives. Here two of the units, 6610 and 6611, are serviced at the engine facility in Selkirk in 1990.
Photo Date
Photo Location Name
Engine facility, Selkirk yard
Conrail Road Number
General Electric

42.559672, -73.84397

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