A little more Conrail is due to disappear soon, the ex NYC/PC/CR signals at Berea tower in Berea, Ohio. Shot last week on my way to the monthly safety meeting at Rockport, you can see the new signals are up but not yet facing the tracks. In all 3 sets of former Conrail signals will fall in this project- the e/b home signal bridge (out of the frame to the left), the cantilever seen to the left of the tower, and the w/b home signal mast (behind the tower). That's a newer signal up front in this view that guards the entrance from the NS main to the CSX ex Big 4, the "Toledo Connecting track" IIRC, and as a general rule used for little other than detour moves between the 2 railroads. Piece by piece the railroad morphs into sameness.... the Durf
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CP 194

41.372362, -81.865127

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