Class F40

The F40 class consists of one 12-axle depressed-center flatcar, built as PRR 470250.

Class FD2

The FD2 class consists of one 16-axle depressed-center flat car, built as PRR 470245.

Class FD1

The FD1 class consists of only 9 cars built as PRR 470236-470244.

Class F43

The F43 class consists of only 6 cars built as PRR 470271-470276.

Class F36A

F36A's were rated at 152 tons capacity, built by the PRR in 1940-41.

Class F33

16 F33 class cars were built in 1938 by the PRR and were given the series PRR 470080-470095. The cars had a capacity of 125 tons.

Class F42

The F42 class consists of 20 cars, formerly numbered PRR 470251-470270.

Class FE42A

Former EL cars built by Maxson Corporation in June 1974 with a 99-ton capacity.

Class F47

The F47 class consists of 25 flatcars built by GSC, formerly numbered PRR 480350-480374.

Class F41D

Former PRR cars

Class F41F

Former PRR cars

Class 888F

Class 888F was a group of 200 flatcars built by Pullman Standard in 1960 as NYC 506000-506199.

Class F41A

Former PRR cars

Class F41B

Former PRR cars

Class F41

700 class F41 flat cars were built and were given the PRR 469300-469999 series.

Class FE51D

Conrail's class FE51D was a group of 100 cars built for the Erie Lackawanna by Magor in the summer of 1969.

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