Gondola Dispositions

YARR 100 ex CR 588166 G52N

YARR 102 ex CR 587993 G52N

YARR 105 ex CR 588031 G52N

YARR 124 ex CR 607054

65' Gondolas

Conrail inherited 65' gondolas from nearly all of its predecessor roads, who used them to haul long steel beams and shapes.

52' Gondolas

The 52' gondola was the mainstay of Conrail's gondola fleet, hauling everything from scrap and slabs to finished steel coils.

Coil gons at Rochester, PA

Grant Lowry and his wife were inside Rochester tower on the Ft Wayne line for Grant's wife Sara to lens this westbound train heading onto the Cleveland Line. Coil gons at Rochester, PA

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