Surviving Conrail Freight Cars

Surviving Conrail Covered Hoppers

Conrail had an extensive covered hopper fleet, although throughout the 1990's many were sold to leasing or other private companies. Many of those cars and ones that made it to NS and CSX are still surviving to this date.

Surviving Conrail Coalporters

Conrail rostered a large fleet of coalporter cars. Hollidaysburg Car shops rebuilt old triple hoppers into the G52H, G52L and G52R class starting in 1991.

Surviving Conrail 50' Boxcars

Although most of Conrail's 50' Boxcar fleet did not survive until the end of Conrail, some found their way onto NS and CSX. Many shortlines still use them as storage cars.

Surviving Conrail Gondolas

Many Conrail gondolas still survive on today. See them in this gallery hauling anything from granite to steel.

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