Berea Signal Acquisition

The Conrail Historical Society, with Norfolk Southern's help, has preserved a number of signal heads from the control point in Berea, OH. These signals will become part of the CRHS's permanent collection, and will help illustrate the technologies used by Conrail to control its traffic.
The signal preservation effort was headed up by CRHS Members Joe Marchinchin and Roger Durfee, who's quick professional work kept these artifacts from the scrappers torch.

Berea mast 4

Departing Berea with a small piece of it's history safely secured in the truck. The first part of this CRHS project is now complete, restoration and display are next.

Berea signal 2

One of the better heads the NS kept will be loaded into the truck behind the 580M.

Berea signal 3

CRHS member Joe Marchinchin works on one of the signal heads.

Berea signal 5

Joe guides the signal in. Of interest, in the background is a newer style signal that controls NS to CSX e/b moves, only used for detour moves for the most part.

Berea signal 7

The signal crew, Joe Marchinchin and R.A. Durfee, posing under the Durf's photo on the "Crossing the Bridge to a New Era in Safety" sign on BE tower.

Berea signal 8

One of the NS keepers being loaded into the truck at Berea.

Berea signal 9

The last of the "junk" has been loaded, and with that the Conrail era at Berea is done. New railroad, new trains, and now new signals "signal" that time marches on, but now a small part of an important Conrail junction has been saved through the efforts of the CRHS.

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