N7E Cabooses

The N7E class consists of 19 cabooses numbered 21150, 21151, 21153-21169; formerly EL C351-C355 and C357-C370.

CRHS's CR 21165 basks in the sun just after repaint at Topton, PA June 22, 2014
Conrail class N7E caboose 21150 is seen at Morrisville, PA in 1981. CR 21150 ex EL C351.
Former EL C-366 at Northfield, OH on 6/3/78.
The only over - under meet I ever got at Lanesboro was this meet of cabooses between an Eastbound CR and Northbound D&H freight.
Former EL C353.
The sister of the CRHS' buggy, the 21164 on a westbound at Bancroft, MA. on Jan. 10, 1981. CR 21164 ex EL C365.
CR 21165 bringing up the rear of a train at Delray Tower, Detroit, MI in October 1976.
Class N7E caboose 21166 brings up the rear of an eastbound Conrail freight as it passes some IHB switchers in Gibson Yard in October 1982. This caboose is a sister to the society's caboose, 21165. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Close, but no cigar. The last and highest numbered N7E, the 21169 brings up the markers on the 3312 west.
Just when the neighbors think it should be getting quieter, pusher 6386 howls by at the rear of BOEL. Ex ERIE van 21150 is the "class" N7E.

D&H locomotives and trains mixed in with Conrail operations were a common site at Allentown yard from early 1977 through the summer of 1978.

This former Erie, C378 class N7E caboose, numbered as D&H 35815, was hooked up to a mixed freight on July 16, 1978. Were it not for the D&H stencil, this scene would have been common in many EL yards just a few years before.

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