Class H47A

The H47A class was built by Magor Car Co. in 1965-66 as PRR 260656-260705. 9 cars carried their PRR number to Conrail becoming CR 890963-890971. 42 cars were renumbeed into PC series 888695-888745, then becoming CR 888695-888745. Cars have a capacity of 4750 cuft.

CR 888698-Class H47A

CR 888698 is seen at Columbus, OH in Nov of 1986. Car is ex PC 888698/PRR 260656, painted CR-BL 8-85 and was deleted by CR 9/4/98.

CR 888701 - Class H47A

Conrail 888701 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 888731 - Class H47A

Conrail 888731 is seen at Lancaster, PA. Car is ex PC 888731/PRR 260691 and would later be sold and become MNA 888731. 

CR 888732 - Class H47A

Conrail 888732 is seen at Enola, PA. Car is ex PC 888732/PRR 260692 and would later be sold and become MNA 888732. 

CR 888745 - Class H47A

Conrail 888745 is seen at Lancaster, PA in the mid 1980s. Car is still wearing the as-delivered natural metal finish the PRR got theirs in. Car is ex PC 888745/PRR 260705 and would later be sold and become MNA 888745.

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