Class H51B

The H51B class of covered hoppers were built by PC at their Hollidaysburg Car Shops in 1968 as PC 887337-887386. Cars then became CR 887337-887386. Many cars were sold the leasing companies such as AEX and NRLX and can be seen across the country. Cars are rated at 100 tons, 4635 cuft, & are 55ft 6in long.

CR 887341-Class H51B

CR 887341 is seen at Kingston, NY in Feb of 1982. Car is ex PC 887341 and was painted P-62 11-78.

CR 887343-Class H51B

CR 887343 is seen at Hagerstown, MD on 8/5/91/ Car is ex PC 887343 and was deleted 10/8/09. Photo by Kenneth Lehman.

CR 887344 - Class H51B

Conrail 887344 is seen at Temple, PA

CR 887351 - Class H51B

Conrail 887351 is seen at Enola, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 887371 - Class H51B

Car is ex PC 887371 and was built 11-68; would later go to CSX.

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