Class H42

The H42 class was built by ACF in 1964 as PRR 260001-260090. 62 cars carried their PRR number to Conrail and became CR 884577-884641. 26 cars were renumbered into PC series 884910-884988, then becoming CR 884910-884988. Some cars were renumbered outside originaly assigned number series.  PRR 260008, 260063 and 260079 were never renumbered for Conrail as they lasted into 1999 wearing their PRR number. Cars have a capacity of 3500 cuft.

CR 884108 - Class H42

Conrail 884108 is seen at Cove, PA. Car is ex PRR 260016 and was deleted 10/1/01.

CR 884121 - Class H42

Conrail 884121 is seen at Temple, PA. Car is ex PRR 260032 and was deleted 3/31/01.

CR 884140 - Class H42

Car is ex PRR 260069 and was built 10-63. It was restenciled to NYC 884140 around 7-16-98, and was deleted on 7-24-03.

CR 884580-Class H42

CR 884580 is seen at Wilmington, DE on 6/22/97. Car is ex PRR 260003, painted CR-BL 12-83 and was later restenciled to NYC 884580 after CR was split up in 1999. Note the PRR Keystone bleeding thru.

CR 884590 - Class H42

Conrail 884590 is seen at Rutherford, PA. Car is ex PRR 260017.

CR 884604 - Class H42

Conrail 884604 is seen at Cove, PA. Car is ex PRR 260038.

CR 884609 - Class H42

Car is ex PRR 260045 and was built 10-63, would later go to CSX.

CR 884610-Class H42

CR 884610 is seen at Northumberland PA on 9/27/97. Car is ex PRR 260047 and was built 10-63 by ACF. Car was painted CR-BL 1-81.

CR 884622- Class H42

CR 884622 is seen here in September 1986. Car was repainted P62 (Hollidaysburg) in August 1978. Car is ex PRR 260064.

CR 884637 - Class H42

Car is ex PRR 260085 and was built 10-63.

CR 884945 - Class H42

Conrail 884945 is seen at Temple, PA. Car is ex PC 884945/PRR 260046.

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