Class CL16A

The CL16A class of covered hoppers were built by Penn Central at Holidaysburg Car Shops in 1968 for the LV as LV 50900-50999. Cars were renumbered into the CR 886807-887019 series. The series is not solid as cars were renumbered around other cars joining the fleet. Car are rated at 10 tons, 4635 cuft & are 55ft 7in long.

CR 886233 - Class CL16A

Conrail 886233 (built 8-69) is seen at Lancaster, PA in the mid 1980s. The LV number of this car is unknown as the car is wearing a CR number originally assigned to a CE16B class covered hopper.  It later became AEX 980 which was deleted on 12-11-09.

CR 886819 - Class CL16A

Conrail 886819 is seen at Lancaster, PA. Car is ex LV 50908.

CR 886855 - Class CL16A

Car is ex LV 50921 and was built 10-68, rebuilt 2-91; would later go to CSX.

CR 886857 - Class CL16A

CR 886857 is seen here in May of 1993. Car is ex LV 50923 and would later be restenciled to NYC 886857 when Conrail was split up in 1999.

CR 886867- Class CL16A

Car was painted P62 (Hollidaysburg) in June 1977. Car is ex LV 50928.

CR 886875 - Class CL16A

Conrail 886875 is seen at Lancaster, PA in the mid 1980s. Car is ex LV 50932.

CR 886935 - Class CL16A

Conrail 886935 is seen at Altoona, PA. Car is ex LV 50959 and would later be sold and become DME 45003.

CR 886984-Class CL16A

CR 886984 is seen at Cumberland MD on 11/13/97. Car is ex LV 50982 and was built 8-69. Car was deleted by NS 9/8/10.

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