Class 916H

The 916H class was built by Despatch Shops in 1962 as NYC 885150-885299. 79 cars carried their NYC number to Conrail and became CR 884437-884517. 65 cars were renumbered into PC series 884150-884298 and then became CR 884150-884298. Cars have a capacity of 3506 cuft.

CR 884231 - Class 916H

Conrail 884231 is seen at Rutherford, PA. Car is ex PC 884231/NYC 885231.

CR 884232 - Class 916H

Conrail 884232 is seen at Temple, PA. Car is ex PC 884232/NYC 885232.

CR 884455 - Class 916H

Conrail 884455 is seen at Enola, PA. Car is ex NYC 885179.

CR 884482 - Class 916H

CR 884482 is seen here in the Winter of 1988. Car is ex NYC 885235.

NYC 885166 - Class 916H

NYC 885166 is pictured at Enola, PA on 1/16/87. Car was built 4-62. It was assigned CR 884446 but likely never renumbered.

Return stencil reads:
"Return to NYC RR
Indianapolis IN
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