Class CE72B

The CE72B class was built by Greenville Steel Car in 1957 as ERIE 21800-21899. After the ERIE & DL&W merger cars became EL 21800-21899. Cars became CR 876376-876480. Cars had a capacity of 2893 cuft.

CR 876389 - Class CE72B

Conrail 876389 is seen at Homewood, PA. Car is ex EL 21812/ERIE 21812.

CR 876399 - Class CE72B

Conrail 876399 is seen at Northumberland, PA in the mid 1980s. Class CE72B was a group of 100 cars built for the Erie by Greenville in 1957, based on the popular PS-2 design. This particular car is former EL 21823/ERIE 21823..

CR 876416- Class CE72B

Seen here is an ex-Erie Lackawanna covered hopper painted in Conrail's Oxide Red paint scheme. Car is ex EL 21838/ERIE 21838.

CR 876416- Class CE72B

CR 876416 is seen here in July of 1994. Car is ex EL 21838/ERIE 21838. 

CR 876418- Class CE72B

Car was painted at CRBL (Hollidaysburg, PA) in February 1980. Car is ex EL 21840/ERIE 21840.

CR 876427 - Class CE72B

CR 876427 was photographed at an unknown location in May 1982. Car is ex EL 21850/ERIE 21850 and was built 7-57; repainted 2-80 at Hollidaysburg.

CR 876471 - Class CE72B

Conrail 876471 is seen at Enola, PA. Car is ex EL 21890/ERIE 21890.

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