Class H34 and Subclasses

Class H34

The PRR purchased 300 PS-2s in the H34 class from Pullman-Standard in 1954, which were given the series PRR 256050-256349.

Class H34A

The H34A class consisted of 300 cars built in 1955 at the PRR Altoona shops using parts supplied from Pullman-Standard; these were given the series PRR 257001-257300.

Class H34B

The H34B class was built for the PRR by Pullman-Standard in late 1955. 400 cars were built, and were given the number series PRR 257301-257700.

Class H34C

400 H34C hoppers were built by Pullman-Standard in 1957-1958, and were numbered PRR 257701-258100.

Class H34D

The H34D class consisted of 500 cars built by the PRR's Altoona shops in late 1958 using parts supplied by Pullman-Standard. These cars were given the series PRR 258101-258600.

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