Class CC12A

The CC12A class of covered hoppers was built by North American Car Co. in 1967 for the CNJ as CNJ 1000-1099. Cars became CR 875284-875383. The entire class was eventually transfered to CSX after NS transfered their share of cars in 2001. Cars transfered from NS were renumbered into CSXT 229038-229089 series. The cars are rated at 100 tons, 2700 cuft and are 54ft long.

CNJ 1000-1099 - class CC12A

Rolling through Morrisville in April, 1977 N-9E class cabin 18387 follows a CNJ class CC12A covered hopper (series 1000-1099).

CNJ 1019

CNJ 1019 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car was built 2-67 by NACC. Note that it is stenciled "Return to Newport(?), NJ for Sand". It was later renumbered to CR 875303, and was remarked to NYC 875303 on/around 2/6/99. It was deleted on 5/7/2005.

CR 875013 - Class CC12A

Car is ex CNJ 1097 and was built 4-67, would later go to CSX.

CR 875292-Class CC12A

CR 875292 is seen at Wilmington DE on 11/28/97. Car is ex CNJ 1008 and was built 1-67. Car would go to NS after the split, but was later sold to CSX becoming CSXT 229049 which was deleted 6/10/11.

CR 875295- Class CC12A

Car is ex CNJ 1011 and is seen here in May 1996.

CR 875303- Class CC12A

Car is ex CNJ 1019 and is seen here in April 1995.

CR 875305 - Class CC12A

CR 875305 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex CNJ 1020 and was built 2-67. It was deleted on 10/1/2001 and became CSXT 229054 (which was deleted 6/24/2011).

CR 875327 - Class CC12A

Conrail 875327 is seen at Cove, PA. Car is ex CNJ 1042.

CR 875351 - Class CC12A

Car is ex CNJ 1067 and was built 3-67.

CR 875356 - Class CC12A

Car is ex CNJ 1072 and was built 3-67, rebuilt 5-91 at GE WLOO. It later was renumbered to CSXT 229083, which was deleted on 3-1-2016.

CR 875358 - Class CC12A

Conrail 875358 is seen at Cove, PA. Car is ex CNJ 1074.

CR 875365- Class CC12A

All of these class of ex-CNJ cylindrical hoppers were sold off to CSX in the early 1990's. Car is ex CNJ 1081.

CR 875369 - Class CC12A

Car is ex CNJ 1085 and is seen here in September 1995.

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