Class B63D

The B63D class was built by FGE at Alexandria VA in 1980 in two orders and number series. CR 222837-223000 and 283786-283851.

CR 222891- Class B63D

Car is seen here in March 1994.

CR 222926- Class B63D

Note the incorrect Conrail logo painted on this car.

CR 222955 - Class B63D

Conrail 222955 is seen at Duncannon, PA

CR 283795 - Class B63D

Conrail 283795 is seen at the Brickyard in Altoona, PA.  This car is from the 67-car second group of B63Ds, built in July 1980.

CR 283798 - Class B63D

CR 283798 is seen at Marysville, PA

CR 283807-Class B63D

CR 283807 is seen at Fridley, MN on 8/10/93. Car was built 9-80 and was painted 11-92. It was renumbered to CR 222222 around 8/21/97: then to NYC 222222 around 12/15/98 and then deleted 8/7/06. Photo by Kurt Hayek.

CR 283833 - Class B63D

CR 283833 is seen in April of 1996.

CR 283842- Class B63D

Car is seen here in July 1996.

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