Class X59

The X59 class was built as PRR 90090-90264 by ACF in 1965. 10 cars carried their PRR numbers to CR and were renumbered CR 211051-211061. Another 42 cars that carried their PRR numbers to CR became CR 218415-218456. PC renumbered the X59's into three different series which totaled 120 cars. 11 cars were renumbered to PC 218763-218774, 95 cars were renumbered to PC 220294-220464 & 14 cars were renumbered to PC 281030-281043. The PC cars would be renumbered into the same series on Conrail.

CR 211058 - Class X59

CR 211058 was photographed at Hammond, IN on 11/15/76. Car was repainted the previous month, 10-76.

CR 218436 - Class X59

Conrail 218436 is seen at Temple, PA. Car is ex PRR 90127.

CR 218451-Class X59

CR 218451 is seen in storage at Hollidaysburg, PA on 8/14/98. Car is ex PRR 90232.

CR 218763 - Class X59

Car is ex PC 218763/PRR, was painted P62 3-78. Photo taken June 1978.

CR 220306 - Class X59

Car is ex PC 220306. Photo taken May 1984.

CR 220347 - Class X59

Car is ex PC 220347/PRR 90143. Photo taken May 1977.

CR 220357- Class X59

Car is ex PC 220357/PRR 90154.

CR 220384 - Class X59

Car is ex PC 220384/PRR 90181; was painted MDV 11-76. Photo taken December 1976.

CR 220390-Class X59

CR 220390 is seen at Enola, PA on 5/3/86. Car is ex PC 220390/PRR 90187 and was painted MDV 2-78. It became NYC 220390 around 7/31/98 and was deleted 9/17/01. Photo by Richard Louderback.

CR 220392-Class X59

CR 220392 is seen at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99. Car is ex PC 220392/PRR 90189, built 7-64 and was deleted 1/18/02.

CR 281036 - Class X59

Conrail 281036 is seen at Conway, PA. Car is ex PC 281036/PRR 90183.

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