Altoona 08 Highlights

Highlights from the 2008 Convention. Look like fun? Join us in 2009!

Bob Bartle is presented his CP-Bartle sign

As a thank you gift, the CRHS made and presented a custom control point sign for Bob Bartle. Naming control points after people was a Conrail tradition that we decided to continue to thank Bob for coming out and speaking to us and for his help with the convention.

Flying proud

With the true company flag flying proud, Conrail was officially back in town!

Gert Talks About His Journey

Gert Velthuizen took the prize for the member who traveled the biggest distance to be at the Convention. Gert talked about his experiences of being a Conrail fan in The Netherlands, and seeing real live CR equipment for the first time.

Kris and JB

Wonder what they were laughing about up there??? Kris and Bruce enjoy the view from the top floor of the Altoona Railroaders Museum.

Look at that smile

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we do this crazy stuff!

Steve Ondik is enjoying the convention, despite the downpour. Here he's grinning from ear to ear after getting off of an 80mac. 

NS SD80MAC 7208 at South Fork, PA

A group of ex-Conrail units are prepped for the days work as CRHS members swarm the surrounding area.

Out from the rain

With the rain coming down, Mike Swinnerton, Steve Ondik and Lance Myers take cover under our SD80MAC!

Prep work

Brock Kerchner readies 2943 at Juniata for our cleaning detail Thursday afternoon before the Convention.

Summerhill Photo Line

The CRHS photo line brings their cameras to the ready as an eastbound NS train approaches Summerhill PA.

Viewing the demonstration

The convention attendees sit on an ex-PRR heavy duty depressed center flatcar to watch the demonstration.

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